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If we could speak.  / Harrison Alden (Youngest)  Read >>
If we could speak.  / Harrison Alden (Youngest)
You took this away. We never talked man to man. Why wouldn't you wait for us to grow up. What did you think? That we'd be better off? I don't care what trouble you may have been in. It wasn't your choice to make. I want to speak to you, so badly. I could really use you now. I worked so hard to make sure my children wouldn't have to go through what I did. now with my impairment I feel like I'm losing everything. You lost your license but I lost an arm. You left over that. I'd like to end it now to but I won't do that. I know I'm not their hero anymore and I'm embarrassing to go out with but if they want me to stay then I will. My life is for them. I want to talk to you. I wonder what would they call you. Grandpa, granda, or papa? My selfishness hurt my family and friends. If I get my life back together I'll make everyday worth it and stop wasting my time on petty bullshit. I miss you every day. I hope we'll speak again one day as equels. Your grandchildren would love to meet you. You shouldn't have done it. I love you dad Close
I'm no better  / Harrison Alden (Youngest)  Read >>
I'm no better  / Harrison Alden (Youngest)
Why did you leave me here? Terina wanted to wait for our marriage. I think she wants to look a certain way. Now I have to walk down a cripple. I hate life. I tried so hard even managing to make decent life with my stupid Alden brain. The curse wins again Close
One thing I learned from this  / Harrison Alden (Youngest)  Read >>
One thing I learned from this  / Harrison Alden (Youngest)
Vicki. I know you blame me for my father's death but I think we both know it wasn't his 16 year old son skipping school and smoking that caused him to do that. I know there was Financial strain and he wasn't going to be able to drive anymore and that was all he knew. I never knew why but he always walked us around and told us that if anything ever happened to him we were to get his chess boards and his rings. My brother and I would really like to have those we don't have much from him. I was in a bad accident and have paralyzed my arm so I will not be able to provide just the same as him. I've learned from this that my children will wonder why forever if I ever do the same and there have been some dark times where I've wanted to end it all. I think about him every day please contact me. Please give us what he wanted us to have I know if you ever meet him again you will be very disappointed. Please give us the Rings Close
I understand now  / Harrison Alde (Youngest)  Read >>
I understand now  / Harrison Alde (Youngest)
I love you dad Close
tried to send you a message.  / Troy Alden (son)  Read >>
tried to send you a message.  / Troy Alden (son)
hello vicki. I know you dont want to hear from me amd this is hard for me aswell. I am a differnt person now then i was at 17. i have 2 children with my commenlaw wife and i own a small window and door business. My children sometimes ask me about their grandfather and i can only tell them the little he let me know about him. i was young so im sure there were things i dont know about him. I dont remember what our real last name was which would help on finding out our history. I have some small health issues that i am wondering if he maybe had aswell. Any information you can provide would be greatly appreciated by all of us. i look on here every once in awhile i dont realy know why but i guess i feel like this is my only way connecting to him. i know he cared for you very much because your time togeather was the most stable and it was also the best time he and i had togeather. please contact me if you will. harrisonalden@hotmail.con Thank you Troy Close
Christmas 2017  / Vicki (wife)  Read >>
Christmas 2017  / Vicki (wife)
Loving & missing you at Christmas...and everyday.
Always Your Vicki Close
Meeting Electra at the Rainbow Bridge May 18 2017  / Vicki (wife)  Read >>
Meeting Electra at the Rainbow Bridge May 18 2017  / Vicki (wife)
Electra crossed the Rainbow Bridge today. She'll need you. She'll be happy to see you....she missed you so very much. 
I don't know what I'm going to do without all 3 of you. They were my connection to you...our life together.
Take care of the girls...until we all meet again.
I love & miss you all very much.
Always Your Vicki Close
12 Years  / Vicki (wife)  Read >>
12 Years  / Vicki (wife)
The pain of this day never lessens.  I love & miss you so very much.
Always Your Vicki xxxx Close
Birthday 2017  / Vicki (wife)  Read >>
Birthday 2017  / Vicki (wife)
Another birthday....I wish you were here.
I love & miss you so very much.
Always Your Vicki
xxxoooxxx Close
Meeting Harley at the Rainbow Bridge April 3, 2017  / Vicki (wife)  Read >>
Meeting Harley at the Rainbow Bridge April 3, 2017  / Vicki (wife)
Hello my Love,  I know you, Mom & Brandy met Harley as she crossed the Rainbow Bridge today.  Our sweet little widget.
My heart is breaking.  I know you'll take good care of her. Always tell her Mommy misses her.
With love to you all,
Always Your Vicki Close
Christmas 2016  / Vicki (wife)  Read >>
Christmas 2016  / Vicki (wife)
The holiday season doesn't get easier with years. I'm always at a loss of words but they fill my heart & mind. It's just hard to put them into words.
I watch all our favourite Christmas shows but end up crying missing you even more.
I've been very sick the last few weeks. I couldn't help but think of that Christmas I was very sick. You had to leave Boxing Day without me. It was the first we'd been apart since we got together. Both of us felt so lost without the other.
I love & miss you so much Honey.
I'll always be Your Vicki xxx Close
Anniversary 2016  / Vicki (wife)  Read >>
Anniversary 2016  / Vicki (wife)
Loving & missing you on our anniversary.
Always Your Vicki xx Close
11 years  / Vicki (wife)  Read >>
11 years  / Vicki (wife)
My eyes opened at 4:18 this morning. Every fiber of my body wishes we could have pulled you back...kept you with us.
Loving & missing you infinity & beyond.
Always Your Vicki Close
Birthday 2016  / Vicki (wife)  Read >>
Birthday 2016  / Vicki (wife)
I had a great smile remembering your 40th...and all the things we did or should I say surprised you with.
I miss you so very much. I wish you were here.
Happy Birthday My Love
Loving & Missing you.
Always Your Vicki xoxoxoxo Close
2016 / Vicki (wife)  Read >>
2016 / Vicki (wife)
Another year starts without you.
Loving & missing you.
Always Your Vicki Close
Our Anniversary 2015  / Vicki (wife)  Read >>
Our Anniversary 2015  / Vicki (wife)
Loving & Missing you on our anniversary.
Always Your Vicki Close
father's day soon.  / Harrison Alden (son)  Read >>
father's day soon.  / Harrison Alden (son)
I don't think I'll ever get this sick feeling out of me. I'll never make things right. You left at the worst time. I wish you could see me and Clayton now. You'd be so proud. We love and miss you dad. Happy father's day. Close
10 years  / Vicki (wife)  Read >>
10 years  / Vicki (wife)
How can it be 10 years. I can't wrap my mind around that.
It's been extra hard this year.. I was a huge mess the last few days.
Every year, I re-live those last 48 hrs. I still recall the exact times for everything. The nightmares return full throttle for these few days.
I feel you near me all the time.
I love & miss you with every beat of my heart.
Always Your Vicki Close
Happy Birthday 2015  / Vicki (wife)  Read >>
Happy Birthday 2015  / Vicki (wife)
Missing you on your birthday.
It's a beautiful spring day...lots of Harleys have gone by.
I'm trying to prepare myself for the 27th.

Loving & missing you
Always Your Vicki Close
Always in my heart, my friends  / T. Z. (always a friend )  Read >>
Always in my heart, my friends  / T. Z. (always a friend )
I think of you often even though we've lost touch. My heart still aches for your loss, "Vivki", such a funny little typo but I often did that, and we've laughed about it. I often walk into our yard, and look at the sky, and remember the day we had our chat board memorial. I had balloons in the sky and the hawk flew into my picture...  Brian will always be a part of every person who knew him. Where did those 10 yrs go? I know the pain has not gone with them. But neither has my friendship and my care for your feelings. Just wanted you to know you are in my heart as a friend, and you will always be. Close
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